How to Make Soil Amrut Mitti (Fertile Nursery Soil)

How to Make Soil Amrut Mitti (Fertile Nursery Soil) By Shri. Deepak Suchde

This booklet is about how to produce this living soil on our farms. We need this soil in our fields which have become degraded either from previous use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides or simply through neglect. The methods recommended in this booklet are based on Prof. Dabholkar’s tried and tested scientific experiments in which he has shown that assured, calculated results can be obtained, if basic principles of preparing nutrient rich soil (Amrut Mitti / Amrit Mitti), harvesting maximum sunlight and monitoring proper root growth are followed. He has termed this science ‘Natueco Farming.’ Let us study how we can prepare our own Amrut Mitti / Amrit Mitti by using the resources available in our environment.

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